The racing equipment should be appropriate as the distance goes off road. Usually in early May weather at Ili River is warm, chance of rain I very poor.

Let’s start from the beginning:

  1. Head gear.

Head gear is obligatory.  Most likely it will be hot and sunny. Perfect choice would be buff or cap (preferably with rubber, to not blown off by wind gusts).

  1. Sunglasses that will protect your eyes form the sun and dust raised by the wind.
  2. It is better to have light colored long-sleeve t-shirt to protect arms from sun. Even better if t-shirt is light weight and breathable.
  3. To cover your low body – light jogging pants or leggings both will work fine. Shorts are allowed as well, though you have to be aware of chance to scratch legs in the bushes along the route.
  4. Footwear.

We recommend you to wear sport footwear with good tread and thick soles. We highly not recommend wearing shoes and marathon sneakers for city runs as you may injure feet with rocks or dried tree branches

  1. Trekking poles

The use of trekking poles is not prohibited but it won’t provide big advantage either.

  1. Camelbacks/Backpacks/Belt bags for water and food.

You are welcome to use any kind of comfortable to you backpacks and bags.

Food points are located every 7-8K but if you feel necessary to have your own constant food reserve, we advise you to carry maximum 1 liter of water and several energy gels or bars.

  1. We recommend you to tape your feet to avoid callosities.