“Tengri Ultra” is unique and not only as a sporting event but as an excellent reason to meet the natural pure beauties of our country, and a great experience of domestic tourism. Event involves one overnight out in the wild nature. Lots of participants already have experience of staying overnight in tent and most of people start inquiring – “What I should take with me”, this article is for you.

From the first glance while backpacking it seems very difficult to take all necessary equipment with you and not forget something very important. But if you choose equipment logically, step-by-step – everything falls into place. So:

Somewhere to live in. You need reliable protection from the weather, sun and prying eyes. You need a tent. There is not a big chance of rain on Ili in May, but strong wind – easily. So if you are not buying a high quality tent in specialized stores but you are looking for it through among your friends or at flea market it is best to choose the more wind resistant one.

Something to sleep on. You need a sleeping bag. You won’t put sleeping bag on a thin base of the tent. You need a matt.


Sleeping bag (temperature rating from +5 till +10 C)


Something to wear. The whole event starting from the beginning of your trip to Ili and coming back to Almaty will last more than 24 hours. You need 3 set of clothes: casual (to sit in car/bus and for “camping”), night (it may become colder) and racing.

“Casual” you will wear to come from city. I can tell only one thing on this issue – jeans are not the most comfortable clothes and simple sport suit is better. It is warm in May, sometimes even hot. Take with you sandals, shorts and light shirt; head cover is a must!

In the night near the river humidity rises and temperature goes down quite noticeable. Take with you proper shoes, warm pants, jacket, coat and hat.

Racing set is up to everyone’s individual choice. Our recommendations will be published in separate article.




Head cover

Warm pants




Racing set

Spare pair of socks

  • Something to eat. Don’t expect to feed yourself with sandwiches only. You have a serious physical exam and nutrition is a half of success. 24 hours is 3 time meals at least: dinner, breakfast, lunch after run.
  • Hot meal you may cook on a stove. Its variety is presented in large assortment at tourist shops and on households markets. Two gaz cylinders a day is enough. Stove needs a pan, better to have two pans: one for food, another one for water. Must have: spoon, cup, plate, knife. It is more convenient and more fun to cooperate with friends while cooking. And last but not least – water. 10 l is minimum per one person.


Stove, 2 gaz cylinders;


Spoon, plate, cup, knife

Food (three meals)

10 L of water per person


To bring it all with you – you need a backpack. But as you are not planning to move a lot – big gym bag will work too. Don’t forget to take with you hygiene products, flashlight and sun protection cream.

Important issue – medical set. Everybody knows it owns sores and kibes. And its indidually. Those who are healthy may take aid bents from sores after race, stomach pills and bandage with hydrogen peroxide in case.

Personal medicines;

Stomach pills;




Hopefully, this publication is useful for you and will help you to get prepared for the trip.